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Welcome Maria Matlin!

Hey! I just wanted to give you a big, warm welcome and tell you I am so excited to begin working on your project! I promise to give you my very best work, but in order to do that I need a little help from you. This page will tell you exactly what I need you to do before the project begins and provide you with a few tips and tricks to help you help ME design my best work yet for your amazing business. 


On this page you’ll find:


  1. A few boundaries I like my clients and I to stick to during the project.

  2. A detailed look at my design process, so you’re always kept in the loop and know what’s happening next.

  3. The homework I need you to complete and the files I need from you before your project begins.

  4. Some easy guidelines to help you provide really helpful feedback on your designs.

  5. Info on payment policy.

  6. And lastly, a look at what happens next after you’ve handed in your homework.


Go through this page and if you have any questions at all, just shoot me a message! 


1. Communication & Timelines


My work hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm

Communication hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm (we can meet outside of these needed)

To help keep your project on track to finishing on time, please provide feedback on your designs within 2-3 business days of receiving them. 


I really appreciate your effort to provide files and feedback on time and to communicate within the times and days outlined above. Timeliness from both of us will help us get your project done on (or even before!) the deadline so you can move on to the next exciting task on your to-do list and I can cheer you on.

2. Design Process

  1. Homework (Questionnaire) & sharing inspiration sites (also business cards, if you want)

  2. Business Card Design (3 options will be presented with 2 rounds of revisions)

  3. Portfolio Design (3 options will be presented as mockups with 2 rounds of revisions)

  4. Final Files, Site is Published & Final Payment


3. Here’s what I need from you to get the project started...


1. Complete your homework questionnaire


Here’s the link to your questionnaire. It will help me understand your goals and style!

2. Create a Pinterest board with websites and business cards that reflect what you would like for your look and feel. You can also send me links.

3. Create a google doc, word file, or email the information you want included on your business card.


4. Create a google doc or word file that contains content for the website (about me, services, which projects you want to highlight in your portfolio and what information you want included with them ie: a write up about each project.


5. If you have purchased your domain, send me the login info to access the information. 

4. Feedback Guidelines


I really appreciate simple and straightforward feedback. It helps me clearly understand your thoughts and make the right changes to your designs.

Here are a few tips on providing awesome feedback:

- Try and use bullet points to break up your feedback.
- Use headers to organize your feedback.
- Read over your feedback to make sure it’s clear and check that you’ve answered any questions I may have asked.
- I kindly ask that you gather all your feedback into one message. This stops everyone from getting confused and keeps the project organized.


5. Payment Policy


50% is due the day before we start your project.
50% to be paid within 30 days of completion of project

6. What happens next?


After you’ve completed everything in the Homework section of this page, we’re all set to begin your project! Once I have everything I need, I provide you with a timeline of when to expect each step in the process. 


I'll start with your business card so we can use the same fonts and colors for your website. I can also start on those right away if you need time to write your content for the site. 


I look forward to working with you!



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